A Dangerous Way To Train

Sometimes a giantess will help out a tiny man with various things from getting around to lifting but the way a giantess helps can be a but extreme at times and can put the tiny man in real danger. When this giantess offered to help her little man train he didn’t count on the way she would help. First off she wanted to test his strength but the method in which she chose to do that really shocked and scared the tiny man. The tiny man was excepting to lift weights but little did he know what the giantess really had planned for him. The giantess then suddenly lifted the tiny man and to his horror she put him in her mouth. The tiny an thought she was going to eat him but then she told him if he could keep her mouth open got one minute then he could choose which exercise to do next but if her mouth closed before the time was up then she would get to choose what to do next so with all his might he began his exercise and tried to  keep her mouth open.


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