Video Thursday – Giantess Anime

This video on youtube shows a tiny man relaxing in a pool when all of sudden two giantesses show up. The tiny man tries to stop them but as he is too small the giantesses couldn’t hear him. Just then the girls begin to get ready to take a dip in the pool with one of the giantesses decided to help the other get changed before both of them jump in to the pool. The force of the giantesses sent the tiny man sinking to the bottom of the pool while his friends are sent flying out into the sky. One of the giantesses are unsettled as she thinks that someone is there watching them but the other girl reassures her that everything is fine. When the two giantesses begin to splash each other they are unaware that they are tossing the tiny man and his friends around. The giantess continue to splash each other and when everything settles down the tiny man is left floating in the water and one of the giantesses ends up sitting on one of his friends.

You can watch this video here Giantess Anime

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