Video Monday – Giantess Linda

This video on youtube show two tiny people on the run from a giantess. Hoping that they can lose her the tiny people run into a large city but it doesn’t take long for the giantess to track down the tiny couple as she is soon on their tail. This tiny the tiny couple hide inside a building and when they see the giantess walk past them they feel a small sense of relief until a giant hand reaches in to grab them. The giantess gets luck as she manages to catch the tiny woman but they tiny man manages to get away.Wanting to get revenge on the giantess the tiny man transform into a superhero just as the military starts to attack her. At first the tiny man’s attack do nothing against her but soon he manages to defeat her. When he does defeat her he is shocked to see that she is a robot.

You can watch this video here Giantess Linda | Rio: Rainbow Gate! Episode 14

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