Just Out Of Reach

Having been traveling for a few days a traveler came across what looked like  an abandoned house. Seeing nothing else he could shelter in he decided to have a rest and went inside the house. No sooner as he entered the house he started to feel a bit dizzy and suddenly he fainted. When he woke up he was on a table  next to what looked like a shirt and a cookie but they seemed to look bigger then he was. Shortly after he woke up he heard rumbling and saw a giantess coming towards him. It turned out that the house he entered was hers and a fairy guarded the house and she shrunk any intruder that dared entered her house. As she reached for her cookie she caught sight of the tiny intruder and tried to grab him but he was just too fast.


154932 - cleavage color drawing fairy grabbing green_eyes green_hair legend_of_zelda link looking_at_victim reaching running_away shrunken_man

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