I Will Crush You Little Guy

On the outside a girl may seen nice but inside there is a giantess and when she has the means and technology to do so she won’t hesitate to do so. While out on an errand you encounter an young girl. The girl seems nice enough but you feel like something about her is a little off but you just shrug off that feeling and go and see if she is all right. You instantly regret your decision as the next thing you know she has pointed some kind of ray gun at you and you find yourself 2 inches tall. The girl seems disappointed with how the shrinking went as she wanted you to be a bit bigger then to inches. Since the ray gun only shrinks things the giantess decided to crush you under her foot but before she does that she decided to take her shoe off. You wanted to run but you were so scared that your body simply froze as her foot came crashing down on you.

162477 - barefoot clouds giantess implied_crush looking_at_viewer looking_down pigtails point_of_view poser raised_foot skirt sky sole upward_angle

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