Gentle Giantess

mini_gts_and_boyfriend_at_the_movies_by_giantess_fan_comics-d5hqb6y 167574 - arthurt2013 color dialogue drawing dress gentle giantess low_angle shoes shrunken_man sky 168729 - blue_eyes cgi christmas gentle giantess handheld mike973 poser redhead santa santa_hat 168785 - gentle giantess green_eyes green_hair handheld kimono pigtails small_man unknown_artist 166371 - cleavage color drawing gentle gloves handheld kiss shrunken_men 1551 - anime blonde clothed color drawing female gentle giantess kanahebi kiss maid_outfit ponytail ribbon shrunken_men 63446 - anime drawing gentle giantess ochiko_terada school_uniform seifuku shrunken_men shrunken_women 56124 - black_hair couple gentle giantess hands shrunken_men shrunken_women 100567 - brunette collage gentle kiss panties shrunken_men

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Hand Held

doll_or_shrunken_woman__by_giantess_fan_comics-d5jaiih 169320 - between_fingers blonde brunette building dangle domination drawing entrapment giantess giantesses handheld panah pantie_entrapment rooftop viclooking_at_victim 169310 - between_fingers dangle drawing fuyuki handheld keroro kuraigts looking_at_victim mouth natsumi natsumis_breakfast pool vore water 167891 - blonde handheld indoors littletoy2013 looking_at_victim manicure poser shrunken_man 14358 - anime blushing drawing handheld long_hair school_uniform shrunken_men

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Giantess POV

p_o_v__plaything_by_giantess_fan_comics-d6xfe46 168967 - barefoot cleavage giantess hibari implied_crush large_breasts looking_at_victim looking_down low_angle pink_hair pogojo point_of_view senran_kagura sky sole swimsuit toes 167591 - angry arthurt2013 black_hair blue_eyes color giantess high_heels looking_at_viewer point_of_view queen stomp 165530 - dangling fairy giantess mara maw_shot naked_female point_of_view vore xxamaroqxx

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Giantess Vore

sarah_palin_devours_entire_city_by_giantess_fan_comics-d5q3huz 167411 - black_hair blushing color giantess green_eyes handheld just-a-little-vore mouth saliva tongue vore 168323 - giantess looking_at_viewer mouth poser redfiredog redhead shrunken_man tongue vore 157662 - between_fingers collage dangle giantess handheld magmag mouth open_mouth rosario_dawson shrunken_men tongue vore 168625 - beach blonde collage giantess lowerrider mega_giantess over_mouth red_bikini red_swimsuit small_men summer swimsuit tanned vore 162417 - blue_eyes brunette couple face finger handheld looking_at_victim mouth poser shrunken_men shrunken_woman vore 168143 - black_rock_shooter blonde chariot claws color dangling giantess golden_eyes looking_at_victim open_mouth tongue unlimited-bea-works vore 168330 - brown_eyes brunette check_me_out giantess handheld looking_at_victim palm plusi poser sucking tiny_women vore 167349 - brown_eyes brunette check_me_out downward_angle giantess mouth plusi poser shrunken_woman sucking vore 167412 - azusa_nakano blushing close-up color dialogue entrapment just-a-little-vore k-on! mouth saliva shrunken_woman tongue vore yui_hirasawa

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166313 - between_buildings blonde buildings city collage destruction giantess rooftops rooftop_view skyscrapers sunglasses wonderslug 167477 - black_hair brunette buildings city collage crushed_building destruction giantess kerstin smoke stomp wonderslug giantess_soldier_destroys_farm_house_by_giantess_fan_comics-d6xefa1 168450 - blood blood_stains building buildings bus city crowds cruel crush crushed_bodies crushed_car destruction dropping falling ginger hat people rampage skirt skyscrapers underfoot 168007 - barefoot clothed collage destruction fire giantess helicopter looking_down low_angle point_of_view sky smoke toes zigi550 167908 - brunette buildings collage crushed_buildings destruction giantess smoke wonderslug wonder_woman_vs_giganta_part_2_by_giantess_fan_comics-d6w3tk1

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Mega Giantess

a_near_miss___darlsborough_university_1_by_giantess_fan_comics-d6la23y 167733 - brunette collage crushed_buildings destruction footprints gracie_carvalhoby houses kneeling megalover93 mega_giantess ocean shoreline smile suburbs swimsuit 168027 - barefoot castle city color drawing giantess mega_giantess princess rampage red_eyes swimsuit New Year's Night 2010 168028 - butt city color destruction drawing giantess mega_giantess teal_hair

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In The City

two_giantesses_battle_it_out_by_giantess_fan_comics-d633dh5 167783 - boots buildings cape city cleavage color drawing giantess giant_girl gloves hat helicopter johnnyharadrim long_hair red reflection sky street 167152 - behind_view blonde cars city collage crushed_cars dress giantess green_dress high_heels sky street wonderslug 154805 - anime buildings city clothed color drawing giantess miko rooftop shrunken_men sunset

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Mini Giantess

mini_giantess_growth_scene_by_giantess_fan_comics-d4bzzlu 160299 - collage construction_vehicle high_heels looking_at_viewer mini_giantess size_difference small_men wonderslug 165045 - brunette giantess_fan high_heels looking_at_victim low_angle mini_giantess night_club (1) 160365 - amazon easyfight lifting poser short_hair size_difference sunglasses tinyg woods (1) 2981 - amazon clothed giantess human poser tall tontoblackadder 4908 - anime clothed minigts surprise 163231 - brunette cheerleader_outfit handheld minigiantess outdoors poser 130334 - brunette cheerleader cheerleader_outfit cone gentle giantess holding looking_at_victim love mini_giantess ponytail skirt sleeveless sneakers socks sports standing 160267 - belly boots brunette collage giantess inside looking_at_viewer lying_down mini_giantess wonderslug 150845 - amazon clothed color comic drawing foreign kiss

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11813 - amazon blonde collage dress giantess growth 158458 - amazon growth lesbians poser topless 165048 - be blonde cleavage clothes_ripping comic giantess giantess_fan growth large_boobs sitting size_difference small_man socks sofa 157154 - anime blue_hair&eyes blushing color growth nonoririn nude persona4 public_hair ripped_clothing school_uniform size_difference 156824 - blonde color crawling drawing feet growth hallway legs lockers school torn_clothing 6182 - anime color drawing giantess growth muscular superhero warpspdr2003 155278 - alice alice_in_wonderland butt color drawing giantess growth inside panties 148632 - alternate_alice_in_wonderland anime bows color growth pie purple purple_eyes shoes striped_thigh_highs

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Shrunken Women

doll_or_shrunken_woman__by_giantess_fan_comics-d5jaiih 161636 - blue_eyes blue_hair clothed color drawing looking_at_viewer ribbon shrunken_women skirt tray vocaloid 137867 - collage giantess handheld looking_at_viewer shrunken_women 154103 - barefoot breasts clothed giantess hands lesbians no_escape_2 nude poser sex shrunken_women shrunken_women_at_the_bottom_of_the_closet_by_giantess_fan_comics-d62qqz0

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Quality Comics for Serious Fans

Let's face it. GTS  isn't hugely popular. It's a small niche that not many people have figured out about. During my infancy years of becoming a fan of GTS,  I was a little upset that I didn't see much outstanding artwork.  I search long and hard, and could only find some.

Luckily, now a days - Giantess has become more popular and there is a lot more media out there. I was pleasantly surprised to find Giantess Club - a paid membership service  which is the highest of quality, drawn by professionals.

However there is a new contender in town that could potentially rival the Giantess Club in terms of quality of the stories and illustrations.  That website is Giantess Fan Comics. It is nice to see collaborations between known and unknown artists in order to create wonderful works of art for the giantess enthusiast. I especially liked The Island for its use of multiple giantesses and a sexy scene with Beatrix. Check it out!

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