11813 - amazon blonde collage dress giantess growth 158458 - amazon growth lesbians poser topless 165048 - be blonde cleavage clothes_ripping comic giantess giantess_fan growth large_boobs sitting size_difference small_man socks sofa 157154 - anime blue_hair&eyes blushing color growth nonoririn nude persona4 public_hair ripped_clothing school_uniform size_difference 156824 - blonde color crawling drawing feet growth hallway legs lockers school torn_clothing 6182 - anime color drawing giantess growth muscular superhero warpspdr2003 155278 - alice alice_in_wonderland butt color drawing giantess growth inside panties 148632 - alternate_alice_in_wonderland anime bows color growth pie purple purple_eyes shoes striped_thigh_highs

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Shrunken Women

doll_or_shrunken_woman__by_giantess_fan_comics-d5jaiih 161636 - blue_eyes blue_hair clothed color drawing looking_at_viewer ribbon shrunken_women skirt tray vocaloid 137867 - collage giantess handheld looking_at_viewer shrunken_women 154103 - barefoot breasts clothed giantess hands lesbians no_escape_2 nude poser sex shrunken_women shrunken_women_at_the_bottom_of_the_closet_by_giantess_fan_comics-d62qqz0

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Shrunken Man

tiny_cloud_strife_in_tifa_s_boobs_by_giantess_fan_comics-d6gnjg6 (1) 165980 - barefoot clothed crush_feet drawing legs looking_down low_angle michkon neongun point_of_view raised_foot shrunken_men shrunken_woman sole toes underneath 165116 - barefoot feet looking-at-viewer shrunken_men sitting teen 162414 - bra brunette cleavage couple dangle handheld listening looking_at_victim panties poser shrunken_men shrunken_woman vore

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I Think I’ll Rest Here

After a day of destruction and wondering through the cities a giantess like nothing more then to have a nice rest but not all giantesses like to rest on land. Instead some giantesses prefer the sea to the land as there is nobody around for miles and the people who do come by are either swimmers or sailors but the problem is that it can get pretty lonely and there is nowhere to rest any part of her body. When this giantess wanted a rest she went out to sea as it looked peaceful. Just as she got comfy she saw a ship sail past her. The giantess didn’t want it near her so she decided to crush it but instead of crushing it with her feet or her butt she crushed it with her breasts by resting them on top of it causing it to sink.

165947 - breasts brunette cleavage clouds color destruction drawing giantess looking_at_victims ocean paulobarrios pirates sailors sea ship sky


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Now What To Do With You

After capturing the tiny man from his home the giantess knew she could do what she wanted with him and there was nothing he could do to stop her. The problem was she had so much power over him she didn’t know what to do  with him. Before she had captured the tiny man she had plenty of ideas think she would never find one but when she managed to capture she was surprised and her mind went blank and she instantly forgot all the ideas she had before she captured him. The giantess wasn’t worried as she could think of something new to do with him. The tiny man looked in horror as the giantess raised the tiny man over her head.

161874 - blonde boomgts city cleavage downward_angle giantess glasses handheld held_up kidnapped looking_at_victim poser small_man street



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Video Thursday – GD 150

This video on youtube shows a women being rejected for a job because she is too short. The woman really wants this job and to make herself taller she takes a pill which is said to make people grow. At first nothing happens but then she begins to grow. While she is growing the growing woman starts to panic as she grows but her clothes doesn’t and soon they rip. Soon after she stops growing a shorter man comes in and when he sees her she is informed that she has the job, The giantess is so happy she starts to celebrate and as she does she begins to grow again. This time her grow doesn’t stop and she out grows everything from her house to the city.

You can watch this video here gd 150

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Structure Testing

When building a structure a city needs to make sure it can withstand an attack from a giantess as more then likely a giantess will come and destroy  the building or structure so to over come this the tiny people of this town have come up with a great idea. When they decided to build a dam they were worried that it wouldn’t withstand an attack from a giantess so to overcome this they decided to let a giantess test it out first. The problem was that when ever a giantess would test something she would take it too far and end up destroying  the entire city. The tiny people were about to give up when they found a giantess who would help them and with this giantess they were sure she would only do what they asked her to do.

165948 - brunette cleavage color dam destruction drawing giantess ocean paulobarrios rain raining sea ship small_man swimsuit



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Don’t Struggle Little Guy

If there is one thing that will annoy a tiny man if relaxing in his home only to find a giantess reach inside his window trying to grab him and taking him with her where ever she goes. All this tiny man wanted to do was to enjoy a nice quiet evening at home and everything was going well but  the tiny man didn’t count on a passing giantess. The giantess only wanted to pass through the city but as she passed his house she decided to stop and see if she could reach him. The tiny man was shocked to find a giant hand had  broken through his window and was heading right towards him. He tried to dodge it but he couldn’t dodge quick enough and he was caught by the giantess, The giantess was pleased she had caught him as she had some fun things in mind for him to do with her.

161729 - between_fingers blonde boomgts building city commission_b dangle giantess glasses kidnapping looking_at_victim poser skirt small_man


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Macrostania 2 Comic Release

J Yubari and the team at giantess fan proudly present the second installment of the Macrostania series. Macrostania is about an eastern european nation who’s leader decides to get revenge on the western civilisation by using giantess super soldiers. Unlike most comics this one was done by a second artist and the colours in this issue really stand out  and the storyline is really good i like how Macrostania builds it’s army of giantess super soldiers.

army_of_giantesses___macrostania_ii_by_giantess_fan_comics-d6fp42y eastern_european_giantess_growth___macrostania_2_by_giantess_fan_comics-d6f3xdf


For the last forty years the small Eastern European nation of Macrostania has been ruled by the tyrant General Viktor Belanov from his lavishly appointed palace. Outraged by the exorbitant luxury surrounding him while the population starved a coalition of Western countries secured tough UN sanctions and commenced air strikes. When Macrostania succeeds in producing an army of giantess super soldiers General Belanov decides the best revenge is to bring Western society to its knees.

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Watch Your Step

Even tiny person knows that they can’t get too close to a giantess as a she doesn’t always watch where she step and sometimes can crush a tiny person under her foot or any other part of her body if they get to close no mater how much they want to see the giantess. When this giantess came to town some tiny people knew to get as far away from her as possible to avoid getting crushed under her powerful feet but some tiny people knew better and tried to get closer to her. A the giantess made her way through the city she was unaware that she was crushing tiny people with each step she took. As she got closer to the centre of the city she decided to check the condition of her feet and see if she had stepped in anything. When she saw that the soles of her feet where black she decided to find something in the city she could use the clean them.

165879 - barefoot brunette cars city clothed collage giantess lilly_allen shore_hair sky skyscrapers storm_clouds underfoot zigi550



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Quality Comics for Serious Fans

Let's face it. GTS  isn't hugely popular. It's a small niche that not many people have figured out about. During my infancy years of becoming a fan of GTS,  I was a little upset that I didn't see much outstanding artwork.  I search long and hard, and could only find some.

Luckily, now a days - Giantess has become more popular and there is a lot more media out there. I was pleasantly surprised to find Giantess Club - a paid membership service  which is the highest of quality, drawn by professionals.

However there is a new contender in town that could potentially rival the Giantess Club in terms of quality of the stories and illustrations.  That website is Giantess Fan Comics. It is nice to see collaborations between known and unknown artists in order to create wonderful works of art for the giantess enthusiast. I especially liked The Island for its use of multiple giantesses and a sexy scene with Beatrix. Check it out!

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