Video Thursday – Mouse Giantess

This video on youtube shows a man waking up only to be greeted by the staff who work for him. Just then they feel a small earthquake as what looks like a giant monster walks past their window. The monster then opens it’s mouth only for the face of a giantess to appears in it’s mouth. The military get involved and try to attack her with missiles but they seem to have no effect as she just laugh. A few police are trying to evacuate the city as the man and 2 of the maids that work for him try to find the giantess. After an air strike the giantess becomes too hot as takes off her monster costume. She then sees the man and picks him up as she is happy to see him. She then puts the man in the top half of her bikini but because of the sweat the man slips into the bottom half of her bikini. His desperate attempt to get out only tickle the giantess.

You can watch this video here  Mouse Giantess (English)


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The Teaching Of A Harsh Lesson

It was a normal day in school as you made your way from class to class. Then one of your teachers encounters you in the corridor and she looks concerned as you are failing her class and she thinks it is about time she teach you a lesson you won’t soon forget. She then suddenly points at you as you blackout. When you wake up your teacher is nowhere to be seen until you look up that is. You stare in shock as your teacher towers over you at first it looks like she had grown but then she tells that you have shrunk. Not wasting any time she lowers her foot down and you spend the day stuck to her foot

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Growth On The Seven Seas

While on a voyage one of the female crew started to have a growth spurt. Feeling like there should be a change the giantess decided to confront the captain about the current routine. The giantess went to the captain and demanded that there should be a change in the ship’s routine but then it hit her that she was bigger then everyone on the ship. The giantess suddenly got to wondering why she wasn’t captain and that is when she got the idea that she should be captain. The giantess demanded that the currant captain stand down and make her captain but when he refused she decided to make an example of the old captain and decided to show him who was truly in charge.


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Video Monday MMD Giantess Katsuragi

This video on youtube shows a ship sailing on the ocean when all of a sudden a giantess rises out of the water. The giantess then looks at the tiny ship in amazement. Once she had gotten over the shock of how small the ship was she tried to taste the ship with her tongue. She suddenly stopped and stood up until the whole of her upper body was out of the water. The ship was caught up in her cleavage and the giantess then had to fish the ship out and then put it on the palm of her hand. Once The ship was on the palm of her hand she walked back to the island where it came from smiling as she went.

You can watch this video here MMD Giantess Katsuragi


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Reaching The Outskirts Of The City

After her rest stop the giantess decided she was just going to pass through the city trying not to cause a commotion among the tiny people. She made her way through the city causing as little damage as possible but trying not to cause damage when your a giantess is extremely hard especially when your as tall as a building. The giantess did however have to use some buildings to lean on every now and again just to see where she was going as she was the same height as the buildings. The giantess was trying very hard not to a cause a problem but was hard and she just wanted to get out of the city and move on to other towns and cities as fast as point. The outskirts of the city were in site and she made he way towards them quickly but carefully as not to cause trouble for the people that lived and work in the city.


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Having a Rest Stop

While on her walk through the city a giantess decided to have a rest stop to see what she would do next. The problem was that because of her height she couldn’t go into any of the buildings as the doorways were way too small for her to fit through . The giantess was determined to get inside the building but didn’t know how so she decided to think of a way to get in. She didn’t want to sit on the floor in fear of getting her clothes dirty so she found a nice tall building and leaned against it to have a good think and maybe find away to fit in the buildings that made up the city.


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Amazons and Dragons

The little village was little more then rubble but what caused it wasn’t a giantess oh no infact it was a dragon. This dragon was an evil dragon who could only find peace by burning everything to they ground. On their travels a team of heroes came across this dragon and they wanted to help one of the heroes was a giantess and the only one who could actually battle this dragon. She wasn’t alone as the other 2 members of her team would offer support one with magic and the other with various weapons. The giantess stain the dragon by stabbing it in the head and was classed as a hero by the people of the kingdom.



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Video Thursday – Giantess Crush

This video on Youtube shows a woman sitting on a sofa when all of a sudden she spots a tiny man sitting next to her. She knocks the little man off the sofa and laughs at him as he falls to the floor. The girl then taunts him with her shoes and humiliates him with her words. The tiny man becomes frightened as the girl lowers her shoe down on him but she doesn’t crush him as she wants to see how long she can humiliate him until either he cracks or she gets board. The girl soon gets tired and crushes the tiny man under her shoe turning him into a red stain at the bottom of her shoe.

You can watch this video here Giantess Crush

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Don’t Eat Me Comic Release

If you are a fan of vore or mouth play then you will love this comic written by Geo this comic focuses mainly on vore and mouth play. Don’t eat me is the very first comic  to be mainly  focused on the subject of vore and mouth play. This comic has shrunken men and women instead of the giantess theme that most comics on giantess fan focus on.


The tale of a bizarre day at the Julliard School of Acting in New York City. A crazy Japanese exchange student shrinks her classmates with foul intentions in mind. Delilah, a lover of lollipops, has a conflict of desire and logic.

Tags: mouth play, vore, shrunken man, shrunken woman, shrinking

You can download Don’t Eat Me! and other comics on Giantess Fan so what are you waiting for become a member now

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A Look Of Confusion

After a random growth spurt a girl who was now 50ft tall, was so embarrassed that she tried to hide from the towns people but when you are a giantess it is not that easy to hide when you are as tall as she was. She was so scared what she didn’t notice the cars that lined the side of the road and knocked a few over and crushed others. She finally gave up and fell. She then noticed a little man in a business suit looking at her she was so embarrassed the never noticed that her panties where showing and she tried to cover them up with her skirt. The tiny man just looked at her as she was staring back at him.


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Quality Comics for Serious Fans

Let's face it. GTS  isn't hugely popular. It's a small niche that not many people have figured out about. During my infancy years of becoming a fan of GTS,  I was a little upset that I didn't see much outstanding artwork.  I search long and hard, and could only find some.

Luckily, now a days - Giantess has become more popular and there is a lot more media out there. I was pleasantly surprised to find Giantess Club - a paid membership service  which is the highest of quality, drawn by professionals.

However there is a new contender in town that could potentially rival the Giantess Club in terms of quality of the stories and illustrations.  That website is Giantess Fan Comics. It is nice to see collaborations between known and unknown artists in order to create wonderful works of art for the giantess enthusiast. I especially liked The Island for its use of multiple giantesses and a sexy scene with Beatrix. Check it out!

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