Thursdays Video – Something Went Wrong!

Experiments can often lead to unwanted results, even when the scientist want to do only good. These two women were trying a new cure when something went wrong and the one grew in a second. At first she was shocked, but then realized how good it was to be big and headed out.

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What A Great Stimulus!

Everyone needs a stimulus. I’m sure that whoever reads this has encountered difficulties in his life. This is when you pray for some strength to move on. Well, the stimulus is that power.

This giantess can be quite an inspiration. The climber believed he couldn’t make his way to the top but when he saw her, he was determined to do it.

Credit to Accasbel

Ashley Hartman and the Climber

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Skydiving Is A Dangerous Activity!

As you all know, skydiving it’s not for everyone. Just imagine the height and the scary view beneath you. Especially, if a giantess is waiting for you.

I can’t imagine what this tiny guy feels. He looks down and see a giant mouth waiting for him. He has nowhere to go, so he’ll have to fall there. Poor guy… He became a victim of his own passion.

Credit to marcrtr


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Mondays Video – You Are Not That Big!

Hey, never argue with a giantess about any size. When she says you are small, you really are. If you try to prove her wrong, she will shorten you and then do something for revenge. In this little guy’s case, who doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut, he was eaten. It’s a bit sad…

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Giantess In Space

Have you wondered if it’s possible to be in space? Well, some people claim they have done it. But it’s not for the ordinary people like us. Whereas, giantesses can go there whenever they want. They control the universe and can do whatever they want.

This giantess was a bit bored so she decided to take a trip and explore the outer space. I wonder what she will discover…

Credit to ArthurT

Tiffany in Space

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You Can’t Go Here!

Mighty giantesses have all the power in the world. They always say what will happen and what won’t.

This one believes that she will decide what’s happening in her city. She doesn’t like airplanes passing by so she stops everyone doing this.

I hope she doesn’t turn out to be more cruel and crush it in the ground.

Credit to inuyama

giantess catch jet

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Best Friends

Friendship is not about the differences – in size, age or gender. It’s about the trust and respect they have in each other.

This giantess has found a way to be friends with a little girl. There is no rivalry or fear between them. They know that the other one has best of intentions.

This is what I call best friends and everyone would be lucky if he had someone to trust.

Credit to PoworZ


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Thursdays Video – She Is Unstoppable!

This giantess is one crazy creature. She crushes everything on her way and she can be stopped only with lots of efforts. These tiny guys were in this fight for so long, but in the end they did manage to trick her fall from the skyscraper.

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Christmas Time!

Everyone enjoys holidays. Giantesses are not different. Their favourite holiday is Christmas and they always act in the spirit of Christmas.

They always go to different houses, but not to kill the people in them, but just to sing a Christmas carol. Joy is everywhere and there isn’t any cruelty at least one day in the year.

Credit to ArthurT

Giantess Carols

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Playful Destructin

No matter the size, these giantesses are still girls. They like to have fun and play different games. Their favourite is to jump around.

Yes, it sounds fun, and actually it is, but what about the consequences?! Everything beneath them will be crushed severely. Poor tiny people…

Credit to ArthurT

Playful Destruction 2

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Quality Comics for Serious Fans

Let's face it. GTS  isn't hugely popular. It's a small niche that not many people have figured out about. During my infancy years of becoming a fan of GTS,  I was a little upset that I didn't see much outstanding artwork.  I search long and hard, and could only find some.

Luckily, now a days - Giantess has become more popular and there is a lot more media out there. I was pleasantly surprised to find Giantess Club - a paid membership service  which is the highest of quality, drawn by professionals.

However there is a new contender in town that could potentially rival the Giantess Club in terms of quality of the stories and illustrations.  That website is Giantess Fan Comics. It is nice to see collaborations between known and unknown artists in order to create wonderful works of art for the giantess enthusiast. I especially liked The Island for its use of multiple giantesses and a sexy scene with Beatrix. Check it out!

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