The Beach Is Mine!

A girl’s dream comes true! I’m sure all of us have dreamed to own a beach with nobody around. Just the hot sand, the shining sun and the crystal clear water. It’s so relaxing to hear the waves crashing.

This giantess has found a way to fulfill this dream. Apparently, tiny people are afraid of her size. This is such a benefit. Now, no one will bother her ever again!

Credit to AlloyRabbit

Foahl style practice

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You Make Me Hungry!

Tiny people are quite entertaining toys. However, it takes a lot of energy to play with them. So it’s logical that giantesses are  hungry all the time.

This one got tired of playing. In addition, this little guy suddenly became boring. He was so useless. What could she do with him? She could crush him or eat him, but eating was the better choice. She was starving, after all.

Credit to blcksheep

Myna’s Munchies

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Mondays Video – Nothing Can Calm Her Down!

If you a woman gets upset, she almost always get bigger. This is some kind of defense. This one felt threatened by all these ropes, so she had to take control. With her new size, everyone was scared of her. They treated her like a goddess, but in the end she wouldn’t forget what they had done to her.

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Stupid Little Car

Tiny people had never seen such thing in their little town until then! A giant foot was coming to the ground…

Finally, it stepped softly. There was nobody hurt, nothing was crushed. Apparently this giantess was kind enough not to destroy everything.

But of course, there were some insane little people who didn’t take this foot as something dangerous. They were such in a hurry that didn’t even bother to pass by the foot. This was going to made the giantess really upset. Really big mistake…

Credit to Allogagan

That’s a big foot…

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How Much Lonely I Am!

This dark atmosphere in the warehouse makes people wonder about their lives and their future. This giantess somehow went there, all alone. She was locked inside and had nowhere to go.

Now she had enough time to think about everything. This was the moment she realized she had nobody to rely on and that she was all alone in the whole world. She had to fix this! If only she could escape…

Credit to Allogagan

Warehouse giantess

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Homer’s Nightmare

Continuing my new obsession called The Giant Simpsons, this is a story about the scariest nightmare of tiny Holmer.

You can understand what’s the feeling – you have all had nightmares. But this one seems so real.

Two giantesses have found the Magic Lamp. Now the tiny ghost in it would do everything on their request. Unfortunately, that ghost was Holmer. Now he wonders what will happen to him. Will he be eaten in the end…

Credit to Gulliver63

Homer’s Nightmare

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Thursdays Video – The Greatest Compilation

I think you have all dreamed of a video representing the best and sexiest giantesses ever. Well, your waiting is finally over! You can see it all – vore, crush… everything. Get into the Giant world.

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The Amazing Crash

I think you have all seen the famous sitcom The Simpsons. Well, now you are presented a new, even more interesting world – The Giant Springfield.

Everything is better. The jokes, the buildings, the whole city as a whole. But the people in it want to have Small Springfield, too. Now they are making a conquest, using a local giantess.

I wonder if she’ll succeed…

Credit to Gulliver63

The Amazing Colossal Edna

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Late For School

Oh, no! This giantess overslept again. This is what happens when you go to bed so late in the night.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any big enough means of transport to get to school quickly. The only choice she has is to get onto a small car and hope it would not crush. Quite funny to look at this, but I’m sure our giantess is really worried.

Credit to AlloyRabbit

late for school

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Mondays Video – I Hate Little People!

Little people’s tiny voices are so annoying. Every giantess on this planet wonders why such people are created. Maybe their purpose is to be toys. Well, this explains why giantesses like to crush them.

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Quality Comics for Serious Fans

Let's face it. GTS  isn't hugely popular. It's a small niche that not many people have figured out about. During my infancy years of becoming a fan of GTS,  I was a little upset that I didn't see much outstanding artwork.  I search long and hard, and could only find some.

Luckily, now a days - Giantess has become more popular and there is a lot more media out there. I was pleasantly surprised to find Giantess Club - a paid membership service  which is the highest of quality, drawn by professionals.

However there is a new contender in town that could potentially rival the Giantess Club in terms of quality of the stories and illustrations.  That website is Giantess Fan Comics. It is nice to see collaborations between known and unknown artists in order to create wonderful works of art for the giantess enthusiast. I especially liked The Island for its use of multiple giantesses and a sexy scene with Beatrix. Check it out!

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