Kiss Me Little Man

Looking for that special someone isn’t easy especially for a giantess as every tiny man she tries to talk to either runs away from her or try to sneak a quick peek at either her breasts or her butt but once in a while a tiny man will actually talk to the giantess. This giantess was looking for a boyfriend but since there where no giants around she decided to look for a boyfriend who she could protect like a tiny man but looking for a tiny was extremely hard since they all ran away from her. Feeling upset the giantess decided to move on but as she was about to leave town a tiny man ran up to her asking her to stay. Although the giantess didn’t stay in town she decided to take him with her. The giantess took the tiny man to a nice quiet place where they could chat. After they talked for a while the giantess found out that she had a lot in common with the tiny man despite the size difference so she decided to go in and kiss him. The tiny man was surprised at first but after a while he embraced it and as they kissed the giantess knew she had found her one true love.

26 - giantess kiss kissing man mega_giantess nude poser red_hair short_hair shrunken_man shrunken_men virtual

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